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Whether your home’s siding has been damaged by Minnesota’s unpredictable weather, or it’s just time to give your home a beautiful facelift that will increase its value and protect it for years to come, Roof Ninja Services is the new leader in Twin Cities and Roof Ninja Services and replacement.


We know you have many choices when it comes to siding replacement and repair in the Twin Cities area but you won’t find another company with a greater dedication to quality, excellence, and integrity.


The professionals at Roof Ninja Services are known throughout the area for outstanding work and superior customer service. We’re passionate about it!


We’re Roof Ninja Services, we do full and partial replacement, and offer the full range of siding services to our delighted Twin Cities-area customers… and we are your local James Hardie preferred siding company.

We’re Your Siding Experts!

Full And Partial Siding Replacement Full And Lasting Integrity

Siding Damaged By Hail Or Wind? Make The Call Roof Ninja Services

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Siding Damaged By Hail Or Wind?

After any Minnesota weather event – hail, high winds, or the like – you’re likely to get a lot of inquiries from companies offering to “fix” your siding problems.  But before you sign up, give us a call.  You can rely on our rock-solid integrity and honesty, we’ll provide you with a thoroughly-professional assessment of your home’s situation, and provide you with the solution you truly need.  Nothing less and nothing more.


We do full and partial replacement.


After a thorough examination of your property, we’ll consult with you in open dialogue, exploring your options and helping you choose the course of action that’s right for you and your home.  Do you need a full replacement?  Maybe, but maybe not.


You can count on us to be honest with you about what’s really best for your home and for your budget.


When You Need The Best Value In Siding

We know siding repair and replacement can be an expensive investment for any homeowner. We get it. But we routinely hear that our rates are 30%, 40%, even 50% lower than the quotes our customers receive from other companies.


Depending upon the damage, the job could run into the thousands but with Roof Ninja Services, we’ll go to great lengths to protect your pocketbook as well as your home. Thousands? Maybe. But we love helping our customers for thousands less than our competitors charge.

Maybe it’s our experience that helps us create and execute the most efficient siding solutions. Maybe it’s our great standing with suppliers like James Hardie that helps us get the best deals for our customers. But really, at Roof Ninja Services, we think it’s our passion for helping people that makes us our customers’ favorite choice for full and partial siding replacement.


We love giving back to our community and we love earning five-star appreciation (on Google, Yelp, and elsewhere) from our customers.


When you make the call to Roof Ninja Services, be assured that our focus will be on making friends – not making a sale. We want to build a relationship – not an invoice.


We want to thoroughly delight you, and make you a customer for life!

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