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What to Do After a Storm Hits and the Insurance Claims Process

What to Do In The Event Of A Storm and The Insurance Process

Minnesota is subject to many severe hail and wind storms throughout the year which cause millions of dollars in damage. What you don’t know and can’t see after-the-storm can threaten your home’s integrity. Understanding what to do in the event of a storm can save you money and time being stressed.

Knowing the insurance claim process and finding a contractor you can trust can help you make a successful claim, so you can quickly restore your property.

Immediately following a storm, here is what you should do:

1. If your home has been impacted with significant damages, be safe; do not go near the area. Stay off your roof, clear from unsteady surfaces, fallen power lines, areas of fallen debris, or broken glass.

2. Asses your home for noticeable damage. Take pictures and make note on all the obvious damage to the interior and exterior of your home. Be mindful of your personal items like patio furniture, play areas, grills, etc. Storm damage can cause all sorts of unseen issues. Know that you might not be able to spot all the damage, especially on the roof.

3. Contact your trusted, local Restoration Sensei. Roof Ninja has trained professionals that will conduct a free and thorough inspection to determine if there is any damage that you are unable to see. Your Roof Ninja will document all the damage. A trained specialist will go through a property checklist, take photos, and build a file for you. They can also make any emergency repairs necessary to protect your home from further damage.

4. If damage is determined, the specialist will call your insurance company with you to report it and begin the claims process.

Claims Process:

1. Once your claim is made, your insurance provider will schedule a time to have their adjuster come out and inspect your property. They will determine a scope of work necessary to fix the damage. Understand that the adjuster works for and represents your insurance company. It’s always best to have a trusted contractor represent and protect your interest. One of our Ninjas will meet with your insurance adjuster to discuss the property damage checklist. They will try to come to an agreement with the adjuster on the scope and estimate of necessary repairs.

2. After the adjuster has evaluated your property’s damage, you should hear back from your insurance provider in due course. You will receive an adjuster’s estimate report, detailing the scope of necessary repairs your insurance is willing to pay for.

3. Roof Ninja will review the estimate with you and to see that the scope and funds are adequate to restore your property. If the allotted amount of money is not sufficient to complete the appropriate repairs, Roof Ninja will submit their own estimate for repairs to your insurance. Roof Ninja will work with your insurance company to explain how we arrived at our estimate to settle on a financial agreement for repairs.

Once an agreement is reached, your restoration Ninja can work with you to pick out project materials and colors.

4. Your insurance company will set up a payment plan based on your claim. Your deductible and insurance payments are a price-lock guarantee for your project cost. It is your responsibility to give those payments over to Roof Ninja to complete any necessary repairs.

5. Once all repairs or replacements are done, Roof Ninja will do a final walk through and submit a final invoice to your insurance company. Once everything is satisfactory, Roof Ninja collects the final payment from you.

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